Incubator Kitchen serves timely aid to young food firms

Small purveyors of delicious things now can look to the Ottawa Incubator Kitchen for the help they need to kick-start their businesses.


Letting the Light Shine In

The First Presbyterian Church is sending away one of its massive 100-year-old stained glass windows for a good squeaky clean and a facelift.

Keep calm and build a bunker

Toronto police held a press conference on Tuesday about a mysterious bunker found near York University last month. Has a stranger press conference ever been held in the T-dot? Most reports are calling it a “chamber of secrets” or a “chamber of mysteries” (due to copyright issues). The bunker is outfitted with moisture-resistant lights, a…

Glass-blowing – an ancient molten dance

Glass production is as old as the ancient pyramids of Egypt, and shares the same birthplace. One of the most intricate techniques of glass production is glass blowing, which produces the most fragile, complex and delicate works of art. Watch Melody Jewitt, owner of Flo Glass Blowing, the only glass blowing studio in Ottawa, as…

Witness: Michael Swan “one of the best guys you’ll ever meet”

Michael Swan may have lost his life because of a home invasion over drugs and money, but that’s not the way his best friend Tyler Tanguay wants him to be remembered. “He was one of the best guys you’ll ever meet,” said Tanguay, 25, during his testimony on Oct. 15 at the first-degree murder trial…